MEN: Kenzo Alvarez and Malik Delgaty fuck Ashton Summers in “Mouth Swap” (part 2)

This bareback threesome – starring Kenzo Alvarez, Malik Delgaty, and Ashton Summers – is the second part of the series “Mouth Swap“.

When Ashton spies on his roommates, Kenzo and Malik get shot down for a threesome by the girl they brought home. That’s when the horny bottom senses an opportunity!

Kenzo Alvarez and Malik Delgaty settle for plan B: their VR headsets and a stroker. Ashton Summers takes his chance to swap places with the toy, sucking his buddies’ cocks, then bending over to get fucked by Kenzo as he blows Malik.

When his horny roomies notice the switch, they fuck him on the couch, and Ashton sits on each of their cocks, cumming as he rides Malik reverse while sucking Kenzo, before the tops cover him with jizz.

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Watch Kenzo Alvarez & Malik Delgaty fuck Ashton Summers



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