MEN: Kenzo Alvarez and Clark Delgaty fuck Michael Boston in “Cheating For Dummies”

This hot release – called “Cheating For Dummies” – brings together Kenzo Alvarez, Clark Delgaty, and Michael Boston. While Michael’s husband Clark works out in the other room, his sidepiece Kenzo climbs in the window, begging for just five minutes with him!

Michael sucks Kenzo Alvarez but has to hide his lover quickly when Clark comes in after his workout. But instead of getting in the shower, Clark Delgaty wants to fuck! He bends Michael over the table, and Kenzo slides his cock through a handy hole so the bottom can suck it.

Michael Boston blows Clark and surreptitiously sits on Kenzo’s dick, but when Clark takes his hubby to the bedroom to fuck him from behind, Kenzo sneaks in behind a screen to fill Michael’s mouth.

Clark creampies Michael and immediately crashes on the bed, but the bottom hasn’t had enough yet, offering Kenzo his hole to get sneakily fucked doggy-style and missionary till he cums, then Kenzo fills his ass with another load before silently slipping out.


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