Lucas Entertainment: Alexander Volkov & Kaden Alexander fuck in “Servicing The CEO” (scene 4)

This is the fourth and final scene from the Lucas Entertainment movie “Gentlemen 29: Servicing The CEO“. The last time Kaden Alexander showed off his skills at work, he was dubbed the Intern Whisperer because he’s always paired up with interns who have bad attitudes.

They need to be shown their place and kept in line if they’re going to figure out how to work hard and be obedient.

Kaden Alexander was successful at corralling both Brandon Wilde and Ricky Verez. Once they knew Kaden had the stuff to teach them, they both had no issue sitting on his lap and taking his huge uncut Latin cock up their tight assholes.

Now, he’s been assigned to show a new foreign transfer, Alexander Volkov, how power is handed in the American workplace. But little does Kaden know that Alexander is going to turn the tables on him and fuck him up with some Russian authority when the office is empty!

Watch Alexander Volkov and Kaden Alexander fuck in “Servicing The CEO” (scene 4)

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Watch Kaden Alexander and Alexander Volkov fuck at Lucas Entertainment



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