Joshua Storm and Jacob Jones connect with Isaac and Jake in “Remote Control” (part 7)

For the 7th episode of their “Remote Control” series, the Network has again paired up two hot amateur couples!

While they’re in isolation, cute Joshua Storm has been finding ways to keep up his workout routine at home, as well as having lots of sex with his brace-faced horny boyfriend, Jacob Jones, and posting their nudes online.

Hot, athletic Jake and Isaac, on the other hand, are trying to get outside as much as they can for walks and bike rides, as well as keeping their fitness in check. The couples connect by video call and start turning each other on, with Jake and Isaac watching as Joshua sucks Jacob’s big cock and eats his hole.

Both sets of guys 69 for the camera before Jacob cums on Joshua’s face and Joshua fucks his boyfriend’s feet and then his hole. As Jake and Isaac watch, Jake penetrates Isaac doggy-style, and both tops can’t hold back from cumming!

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