Josh fucks Cody Seiya while Sean, Devy & Justin suck each other in “The Cabin” (scene 2)

Here’s the second episode of the Sean Cody series “The Cabin“. In this part, we’re seeing Josh fucking Cody Seiya, while Sean, Devy, and Justin enjoy themselves as they suck each other off.

As Devy gets up from his nap and goes out on the balcony to enjoy the scenery while doing some epic air guitar, the other guys downstairs share a snack and swap sex stories. Justin asks, “Have you guys ever fucked outdoors?” and Josh recounts getting it on with 10 people… then getting caught by a hiker!

Sean Cody

In answer to the question of have they ever fucked in the snow, Cody Seiya jokes, “Does snowballing count?” as he eyes up hot top Josh. Cody and Josh head outside, where they start kissing and Cody sucks Josh’s dick before getting fucked doggy-style against a tree and bent over the woodpile.

Meanwhile, inside, Sean encourages Justin to hook up with Devy, and as the two guys start kissing, Sean sucks both of their cocks. Josh and Cody sneak back inside and upstairs where Cody rides Josh’s cock, then they fuck missionary on the bed till they both shoot huge loads. In the kitchen, Sean lies on the counter as both Justin and Devy suck him off till he cums in their mouths!

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Watch Josh fuck Cody Seiya in “The Cabin” (part 2)

Sean Cody


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