Jonathan Miranda debuts at Men At Play and fucks Dani Rivera in “Screwed Over?”

This Men At Play release – starring Jonathan Miranda and Dani Rivera – is called “Screwed Over?“. It is Jonathan’s very first Men At Play video (and Dani’s second one, after his debut last week).

Men At Play

Jonathan Miranda is an art collector and returns to Dani Rivera’s studio with a piece he purchased. Apparently, he had dinner with friends who also had the same “original” he was sold.

Jonathan is angry and wants a refund; especially since Dani cannot provide him with the certificate of authenticity. The sexy art collector reminds Dani that time is money! But Dani promises he will compensate him and it will be worth the wait.

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Watch Jonathan Miranda fuck Dani Rivera in “Screwed Over?”

Men At Play


Watch Jonathan Miranda fuck Dani Rivera at Men At Play


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