MEN: Jonah Reeves pounds Johnny Rapid’s ass in “Off Duty” (part 1)

The Network has just released the first part from their new series, called “Off Duty“. This scene marks the debut of Jonah Reeves, who’s also known as Coby at Military Classified.

After six months in the army, Jonah Reeves is gonna have some very full balls, and Johnny Rapid knows he won’t be able to drain them all by himself, so he calls his buddy Jax Thirio for some backup.

Before Jax Thirio can arrive, Jonah is knocking at Johnny’s door and asking why everything from Johnny’s appearance to his room is so messy. At least Johnny did clean one thing before Jonah arrived – his ass!

Jonah tells Johnny to clean up his cock with his mouth too, and Johnny gets to his knees right away. Jonah pounds Johnny’s ass from behind, and the twink has definitely missed that meat!

Jonah’s dick hits the right spot as he fucks Johnny mish till the bottom cums, and then Jonah unleashes a massive load all over Johnny’s cock! The soldier isn’t done yet, and luckily Jax arrives just in time to take over…

Watch Jonah Reeves fuck Jax Thirio in “Off Duty” (part 2)


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Watch Jonah Reeves fuck Johnny Rapid in “Off Duty” (part 1)


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