CockyBoys: Johnny Ford raw-fucks Zeke Wood in a hot outdoor scene

This hot scene is Johnny Ford’s CockyBoys debut and Zeke Wood’s first visit to “Camp CockyBoys“. They enjoy a late afternoon on the porch, a perfect spot for Johnny Ford to give Zeke Wood a sensuous massage. As they make out, what little clothes they wear come off and their meaty dicks pop up!


Zeke goes down on Johnny and Johnny reaches over to tease and finger Zeke’s ass. When he gets a taste of that hole he wants more. Johnny Ford eats out Zeke’s ass and slathers over his big cock and balls, getting hungrier as Zeke Wood amps up the sex talk.

Just as Zeke wants, Johnny cock teases his hole and slowly slides in. He keeps it slow and easy until Zeke begs for more. Soon, Zeke follows Johnny’s command and pushes back on his cock. Johnny starts fucking and his cock hits the bullseye almost immediately making Zeke cum virtually hands-free!

Zeke stays hard though, and Johnny keeps plowing deep, getting into a groove they both want to keep going. Johnny gets Zeke on his back to lick his hole and Zeke begs for more fucking. Johnny obliges and drills him deep. Again, Johnny finds the spot and he makes Zeke shoot another hands-free load!

Zeke milks his cock, extending the intense orgasm and Johnny feeds him his load and lubes his hole with the rest, Johnny fucks him from the side. With Zeke prodding him verbally, “daddy” Johnny pulls out to shoot a huge, thick load over his hole. He slips his cock back as they kiss totally satisfied with a perfect afternoon romp.

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Watch Johnny Ford fuck Zeke Wood in his CockyBoys debut



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