MEN: Johnny Donovan, Clark Delgaty and Theo Brady fuck in “Top Of The Mourning”

Anyone into funeral fucks? If so, go over to and check out “Top Of The Mourning“. At his own funeral, Clark Delgaty has a threesome with Theo Brady and Johnny Donovan (aka Deacon).

There are many sad mourners at Clark’s funeral, especially his boyfriend Johnny and his best friend Theo… which makes Clark happy as he sneakily watches behind the curtain!

Clark Delgaty – who is very much alive – is shocked when he overhears that Theo Brady fucked his boyfriend yesterday. He then has a view of Theo sneakily sucking Johnny Donovan‘s cock behind the podium during his speech.

Clark bursts out and admits to faking his own death, and Johnny suggests they all celebrate that Clark is still alive with a threesome. The guys start kissing as they undress each other, then Theo does a handstand on the couch as Johnny sucks him and Clark plays with his hole.

Theo sucks the other guys’ cocks, then Clark pounds his boyfriend’s hole as Johnny sucks Theo. The twink swallows his best friend’s pole while riding Johnny, then Johnny rides Theo and sucks on Clark’s dick. Theo cums as his best friend pounds his hole and Johnny fucks his mouth, then takes two big loads on his chest.


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