MEN: Johnny Donovan (aka Deacon) bottoms for Reese Rideout in “Big Dick Tea Party”

This scene – called “Big Dick Tea Party” – is Johnny Donovan’s debut. Johnny Donovan, who is better known as Deacon from Sean Cody, gets fucked by Reese Rideout. Sometimes even the most masculine man needs to recharge with a beautiful tea party.

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Reese Rideout has laid out the good china, served up some scones, and donned a tiara and tutu to have afternoon tea with his blow-up doll friend. When Reese’s workout buddy, Johnny Donovan, lets himself in to ask his bro for a gym sesh, he finds Reese sipping tea with his pinky out and can’t contain his laughter.

But Reese takes teatime super-seriously, pushing Johnny into a chair and bitching the pot down his throat! Johnny asks for a biscuit, so Reese fills his mouth with his cock, then gives the bottom a bit o’ crumpet as he fucks his muscle ass.

Naturally, Reese teabags Johnny before pounding his hole in mish. Reese cums all over Johnny, and the bottom shoots his cream onto the biscuits before eating one and feeding Reese the other!


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Watch Reese Rideout fuck Johnny Donovan in “Big Dick Tea Party”

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