Masqulin: Joel Grayson offers his ass to Gabriel Clark in “Trick Or Treat”

Today’s Masqulin update is called “Trick Or Treat“. In this Halloween-themed video, Joel Grayson takes a deep pounding from his buddy Gabriel Clark.

Bareback Porn at Masqulin

Gabriel was supposed to go on a trip with his bros but had to cancel his trip at the last minute. To get back at him, his prankster buddy Joel Grayson arms himself with a latex mask and sneaks over to his place to give him a little fright.

But, when he gets to his house, he catches Gabriel Clark in a very compromising position; splayed out on the couch jerking off to some porn.

Not one to miss an opportunity, Joel gets on his knees to service his buddy, and offers his ass to his bro for a deep pounding. Add some Halloween candy into the mix and it turns out this October night was no trick, all treat!


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Bareback Porn at Masqulin


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