MEN: JJ Knight and Adrian Hart double-penetrate Michael Boston in “Men Pop” (part 3)

This is the third part of the mini-series “Men Pop“. It’s a hot threeway starring JJ Knight, Adrian Hart, and Michael Boston. Power bottom Michael receives a double-penetration!

While Adrian Hart and Michael Boston are waiting for webcam guy JJ Knight to arrive so they can start their hot livestream, they make a fun story for Michael’s MenPop account. But before they can start shooting, they have to decide who’s bottoming with a game of Rock Paper Scissors!

Michael wins that honor, so he and Adrian undress each other, and he sucks the top’s dick as JJ gets it all on video. Their action is so hot that their viewer gives them a tip, so they thank him before Michael takes more than just the tip of Adrian’s cock doggy-style.

It turns out Adrian will bottom today after all, because JJ gets so horny he starts to fuck him too! Michael takes both their dicks in a hot double penetration, then Adrian rides JJ as he sucks Michael’s cock before both JJ and Adrian cover Michael’s face with jizz and he cums all over his abs.


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Watch JJ Knight, Adrian Hart & Michael Boston fuck in “Men Pop” (part 3)


Watch JJ Knight and Adrian Hart double-penetrate Michael Boston



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