Jim Fit takes a DP from Andre Donovan & Gabriel Phoenix in “Filled Up With Cum” (scene 2)

The second scene from the Lucas Entertainment movie “Filled Up With Cum” is a double-penetration scene. Jim Fit gets his hole fisted and fucked by Andre Donovan and Gabriel Phoenix.

Gabriel and Jim have been spending a lot of time together. They have a lot of chemistry in and out of the bedroom – but when they are together, alone and naked and hard, that’s when the energy heats up and explodes.

But, without Jim Fit knowing, Gabriel Phoenix also had a thing going on the side with the handsome and hung Andre Donovan. Jim Fit isn’t a selfish guy, though. When Gabriel floats the idea of inviting Andre over for a threesome, Jim is into the idea.

Andre is always hard and horny, and if the guys are hot enough and meet his standard, he’s more than up for a new fling. Well, when Jim strips down for both Gabriel and Andre, they can hardly keep their hands off of his beautifully sculpted body. Both Andre and Gabriel are so turned on that they push Jim Fit to his limits by double-penetrating his ass!

Watch Andre and Gabriel double-penetrate Jim’s hole

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Watch Andre Donovan and Gabriel Phoenix DP Jim Fit



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