Sean Cody: Jim Durden fucks Manny in “BelAmi X Sean Cody” (part two)

Handsome Euro jock Jim Durden fucks Manny in the second part of the “BelAmi X Sean Cody” series. Three of the BelAmi guys are chilling by the pool when they notice Sean Cody hunk Manny sitting and watching Jim.

Sean Cody

Jim Durden swims over, and Manny asks, “How’s the water?” “The water’s good, but you’re better,” is the Euro cutie’s flirty reply. Manny pulls Jim out of the pool so he can admire his muscular body the way Jim’s been looking at him.

The guys kiss before heading upstairs together for some privacy. They shuck off their swimsuits and kiss passionately, sucking each other’s cocks, then Jim tongues Manny’s hole. When the American bottom is nice and ready, Jim eases into him doggy-style!

Jim shows Manny how they do it in Europe as he pounds him in missionary, then tells the American to ride him. Manny follows Jim’s instructions so well, he blows a huge load, then eagerly sucks Jim’s cock until the Euro stud cums on his face!

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Sean Cody


Watch Jim Durden fuck Manny in “BelAmi X Sean Cody” (part 2)



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