Masqulin: Jeremy London gets fucked by Gabriel Clark in “Don’t Ask, Nothing To Tell”

The latest release from Masqulin – starring Jeremy London and Gabriel Clark – is titled “Don’t Ask, Nothing To Tell“. Gabriel joined the army and starts training in two weeks. But before telling his girlfriend, he tells his boyfriend, Jeremy, after a Memorial Day Weekend party at his apartment.

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The day to leave for duty comes and it’s time for goodbyes. Jeremy London reminds Gabriel Clark not to forget that he is the only guy he gets to have a good time with – even when he’s away; and especially where he is going.

But, Gabriel has nothing to tell – he is who he is and does what he wants, so no one should bother to ask. And right now, Gabriel wants to make sure to give Jeremy a long, hard goodbye!

Earlier this week, Masqulin also released a solo scene starring Nestor Canquiz. Scroll to the bottom of this page for the previews.


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Bareback Porn at Masqulin


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Muscular pretty boy Nestor Canquiz is “Hot AF“. Like most Venezuelan men, Nestor is polite, generous, and loyal – he’ll make you feel like a prince in every way! And, he is known to be quite imaginative and loves to try new things in bed. Based on how he looks, Nestor doesn’t have a single reason to feel unconfident. Are you ready? Woof woof!

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Bareback Porn at Masqulin


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