MEN: Jeremy London gets fucked by Finn Harding in “Skipping Dinner” (part 1)

Here are the previews of the first part of the new mini-series “Skipping Dinner“. Jeremy London is preparing a meal, but his husband, tall, shaven-headed hunk Travis Connor, wants to eat his ass for dinner instead.

Jeremy London tells Travis they don’t have time since their guests are due any minute, but after Jeremy gets his hand stuck in the sink, Travis seizes his chance to pull down his hubby’s pants and rim him right under Malik Delgaty and Finn Harding‘s noses. He oils up Jeremy’s hole and fingers him before oiling up his hand and getting it free.

The guests look on in surprise as Travis Connor fucks his husband missionary on the dinner table and stand-and-carry up against the wall, but when the guys move to fuck on the couch, Finn Harding and Malik Delgaty join in the fun.

As Travis sucks Malik, Jeremy sucks Finn’s cock, then takes the guest’s dick. The bottom rides Finn before cumming all over his chest as the top penetrates him in doggy-style. Finn’s not done yet, putting Jeremy on his back on the couch and fucking him nice and deep before cumming on his face. This dinner party is just getting started…

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Watch Finn Harding fuck Jeremy London in “Skipping Dinner” (part 1)


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