Sean Cody: Jax slams his raw cock into Nikolai Lombardo and fucks him good

This is the third hardcore release starring Nikolai Lombardo. In the description of the scene, Sean Cody mentions it’s Nikolai’s first time in the studio, which indicates that this video with Jax was filmed prior to his scene with Sean.

Sean Cody

Nikolai Lombardo gets chatting about how he tends to be very easygoing when it comes to the kind of people he finds attractive. “I’m a very flow person. Just let it flow and whatever happens, happens.”

Meanwhile, Jax is getting antsy with all the talking, because he’s been cooped up alone with his hand and he wants to get to the fucking!  I’ve been missing booty,” he laughs. The guys head into the bedroom where they make out and undress each other.

Nikolai gets his first taste of Jax’s juicy big cock. But after he starts riding the sexy top, Jax suddenly creampies his ass after only a minute! Luckily, it’s not long before this sex-starved stud is ready to go for round two.


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Sean Cody


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