Men At Play: Javi Gray takes Ricky Blue’s big uncut cock in “Never Back Down”

This Men At Play scene is called “Never Back Down” and brings together Javi Gray and Ricky Blue. The latter one could be in big trouble! With an imminent court case concerning an alleged assault, if it’s discovered that he’s a professional fighter, it could negatively impact the verdict.

Men At Play

Attorney at Law Javi Gray – who is Ricky Blue‘s lawyer – invites him over to discuss the hearing and admits that the chances of a victory are slim. But, alas, Javi has connections that can sway the judge in his favor – but it will cost him!

Ricky is willing to do anything and money is not an obstacle. However, Javi isn’t looking for pay-off – he’s looking to suck and ride his bad boy client’s big cock. Ricky never backs down from a fight and he won’t back down from playing with his lawyer if it means his freedom!


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Watch Javi Gray bottom for Ricky Blue in “Never Back Down”

Men At Play


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