Next Door Studios: Jake Waters gets his ass fucked by Jay Tee in “Beach Crush”

This scene – called “Beach Crush” – marks the Next Door Studios debut of Jake Waters. He has filmed some scenes with Noir Male before, so you’ve probably seen him before.

Next Door Studios

Jay Tee has a crush on Jake and they are going on their first date! In order to impress Jake, Jay lied and told him that he knew how to teach yoga. While doing yoga, Jake realizes that the poses and techniques don’t seem right.

Jay Tee admits that he has no idea what he’s doing and just wanted to take Jake Waters out on a date. Jake laughs and admits that he doesn’t even like yoga and just wanted to go on a date with him also! The two studs head back home where they ditch the downward dog position and end up doing doggy-style! Who needs yoga when you can have hot steamy sex?


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