MEN: Jake Nobello gets fucked by Raphael Louis in “Caught Cum Handed”

Hot stud Raphael Louis makes his debut and fucks Jake Nobello in “Caught Cum Handed“. This is also Jake’s very first video for the Network. It’s a very hot scene starring two hot and handsome guys, so make sure you don’t miss it.

The Sticky Sadist has struck again, jizzing all over Raphael Louis‘ roommate’s underwear, and CSI Jake Nobello is here to check it out. The Cum Spotter Investigator has never seen anything like this as he shines his UV light around the semen-streaked room, and the still-wet trail of cum leads him directly to the perp… Raphael!

Jake sucks Raphael’s cock, and then the Sticky Sadist himself swallows the CSI’s dick before fucking him from behind. Jake rides the criminal’s cock, adding his own cumshot to the scene as Raphael pounds him in missionary before collecting a load of DNA evidence on his face.


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