Sean Cody: Jake Klerin fucks Cody Seiya and gives him a facial

The guys at Sean Cody have paired up Jake Klerin and Cody Seiya. It’s been a few months since the two met, and they’ve missed each other. Cody tells Jake he wants to bottom today, because,

Sean Cody

“You have such a good dick and it would be a waste not to make use of it.” Jake replies, “I miss being inside you, so it’s definitely gonna happen.” Cody really wants to kiss his handsome scene partner, and the guys begin undressing each other before Cody sucks Jake’s cock.

Jake Klerin doesn’t make Cody Seiya wait, fucking him doggy-style, then Cody rides the top, not even stopping when he cums. Jake rims Cody’s ass and fucks him spoon, and Cody gives that nice big dick some more oral attention before taking Jake deep in missionary. The bottom cums again and eagerly takes a facial.


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Sean Cody


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