MEN: Jafar Azeezi & Tyler Wu and Pablo Strokess & Jaiden Dinero in “Remote Control” (part 8)

The MEN Network has released the 8th episode of their quarantine series “Remote Control“. In this latest release, we’re seeing dominant Arab top Jafar Azeezi fucking his Asian boyfriend Tyler Wu. American couple Pablo Strokess and Jaiden Dinero fuck on the other half of the screen.

Tyler Wu and Jafar Azeezi have been keeping busy by working out at home or in the backyard, cuddling, and getting some reading done, while ebony hotties Jaiden Dinero and Pablo Strokess are practicing their pole moves and having sneaky sex at the park!

These lustful lovers set up a long-distance video call so they can get off together! Pablo bonds with sexy Arab Jafar over their shared love of toys before Jaiden and Pablo watch as Jafar penetrates gorgeous Asian Tyler’s hole with a vibrator.

Tyler and Jafar love watching Jaiden suck Pablo’s cock, and Tyler gets a nice close-up of Jafar eating his ass before both tops fuck their bottoms doggy-style. Pablo gives Jaiden a creampie, then sits back to enjoy the show of Jafar and Tyler jacking their cocks as Jaiden sucks his balls. Once both the hot Brits have cum, it’s Jaiden’s turn to blow his load!


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