Colby Knox: Newcomer Jack Valor bottoms for Colby Chambers and takes his raw cock

The guys from Colby Knox bring us a sexy newcomer, called Jack Valor! Jack is new to the industry and conveniently lives right down the street from the Knox boys. He has been getting his feet wet with live shows. However Colby Chambers has really been looking forward to “breaking him in” on a video for the site.

The boys don’t hold on script or ceremony with this one, just Colby Chambers and Jack Valor having fun while Mickey Knox tries to film it without cumming all over himself (which happens in the end). Jack Valor’s ass must be especially tight because Colby Chambers cums after only a few minutes of being inside of him.

“Colby fucks past that first load into a number of other positions”

Not that it cut the video short, Colby clearly has built up quite a healthy appetite for shoving his cock in and out of the toned young newcomer. Colby fucks past that first load into a number of other positions. He pumps, thrusts and pounds away at Jack’s tan tight ass cheeks.

After climaxing for a second time, adding a second load straight into Jack’s hole, he gets out of the way and lets the camera guy have some fun too!!! Mickey Knox just couldn’t resist after spending the first half of the day drooling and pre-cumming away as he watches his husband have all the fun. Mickey getting involved brings the cumshot total on this video up to 4!

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