Noir Male: Gus Del Rey bottoms for Devin Trez and takes his huge dick in “Playin Games”

Gus Del Rey and Devin Trez meet again in “Playin Games” from Noir Male. Funny guy Gus is always messing around with his roommate Devin, who has had quite enough.

Noir Male

Missing cell phone chargers, misplaced wallets, and now Devin Trez doesn’t have a towel to dry off after a hot shower… Turns out the joke is on Gus Del Rey when Devin reveals he knows Gus is into him and his huge dick.

Shocked, yet excited Gus gives into Devin and turns a laughing matter into a hot sweaty fuck between roommates.

Directed by Ricky Greenwood and written by Nick Fitt, this sexy roommate situation will make you wish you had roommates like these sexy guys!

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Watch Gus Del Rey bottom for Devin Trez in “Playin Games”

Noir Male


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