TimTales: Gaucho, Oscar Marin, Charlie Cherry, Leo, Abel Sanztin, Jonas & more

Here are the video previews for the four latest TimTales scenes. Hung Brazilian Gaucho gives Oscar Marin a deep pounding and Leo welcomes Charlie Cherry to TimTales. Charlie is a hot Spaniard with a big, fat cock!

Abel Sanztin and Jonas come together for a rough breeding session and Tim Kruger finds out what a hungry bottom Valdo Smith is. The Latin power bottom loves Tim’s massive uncut dick.


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Gaucho gives Oscar Marin a deep pounding

Summer is finally here! We are beginning this sunny season with a breeding session on the TimTales terrace. Nothing better than feeling the sun on your face while feeling a massive cock in your ass. You couldn’t agree more, right Oscar Marin?

The tattooed bottom from Barcelona is back to get creamed. Gaucho and his thick Brazilian cock are here to the rescue. Watch out for one beautiful and bright scene under the warm Spanish sun. Oh, and don’t miss that huge flooding cumshot from Gaucho. All the good stuff!



Hung newcomer Charlie Cherry fucks Leo

TimTales is proud to present a sexy Spaniard newcomer straight from sunny Murcia. Meet Charlie Cherry, a proud Spanish hunk with a fat dick and a big heart. Originally from a small town, Charlie is a nature boy musician/painter/writer. Back in 2016 – 2018, he filmed some scenes with Lucas Entertainment as Philip Zyos.

Quite the romantic alpha breeder, that is. Our sexy Brazilian bottom Leo couldn’t be happier to take that big fat cock in his little twink hole. Charlie Cherry starts the fuck session with a massive load. Nothing better than the most natural lube on Earth, right? Then it’s a fuck fest like you love them. Don’t miss that new alpha Spaniard and his heavy cock. Admit it, you wanna be his cherry?



Abel Sanztin breeds Jonas’ greedy hole

4 words: Uninhibited Rough Breeding Session. Get ready for this ridiculously hot scene. Because Jonas is on fire. He didn’t get fucked for quite a long time, probrecito.

So the TimTales invitation to be bred by Abel Sanztin‘s humongous cock was like a golden ticket for this sexy nasty pig. Watch him devour and deepthroat all that cock. Jonas is so hungry. Especially his raw Latino hole. That ass can suck a dick from the inside. Watch out, it’s so sizzling hot.



Valdo Smith rides Tim Kruger’s huge dick

“Damn, that’s a hungry bottom” Those are Tim’s words of wisdom. Get ready to meet one hell of a hungry Latino power bottom. Valdo Smith was placed on this planet to devour massive raw cocks. Watch him pleasure himself on Tim Kruger‘s legendary cock.

He first took it dry. No time for lube, let’s make it natural. Valdo Smith is an inspiration in cock riding. He truly loves every inch deep in his hungry manhole. Damn, he’s devoted. Don’t miss that intensely passionate breeding session ending with one tasty creampie à la Timtales



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