Sean Cody: Garrett fucks Vic Ryder, cums on his face and fucks him again

Garrett is back at Sean Cody and he has been paired up with Vic Ryder. According to Sean Cody, this is Vic’s first film which means that his scene with Lachlan has been filmed later.

Sean Cody

Although Garrett’s mouth may not give much away, the holes in his jeans are showing quite a bit! “Nothing lasts forever,” Garrett deadpans as Vic peeks at his exposed cock. Vic has his hottest asset under wraps but is happy to pull down his pants and give you a look at his bubble butt, which he says gets him compliments daily.

“I work out like six days a week. I have to work for it.” Vic Ryder tugs the tip of Garrett’s cock through one of the holes in his jeans and licks it, then pulls the pants off so he can suck it properly.

Once both guys are naked, Vic straddles the top and rubs his pert ass against his cock before slowly lowering himself down onto it. Garrett gets Vic face down ass up to rim his hole and then fucks him doggy-style. He penetrates the bottom mish and cums on his face, but he’s still hard enough for Vic to ride his cock till he orgasms too!

ICYMI: Watch Vic Ryder bottom for Lachlan


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Sean Cody


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