CockyBoys: Gabriel Clark gives Edward Terrant the fuck he has long been waiting for

Today’s CockyBoys release – starring Gabriel Clark and Edward Terrant – is a hot one! The pandemic didn’t give Edward the chance to have the hot sex he craved, so we have the cure for his blues: getting “Clark’d”. Gabriel is more than happy to give Edward exactly what he wants.


He seduces Edward by kissing him all over. He then gets him on all fours to eat out his half-exposed butt, finger his tight hole, and tease it with his cock. Without skipping a beat Gabriel soon moves in front of Edward to feed him his cock.

Edward Terrant eagerly sucks every inch of cock he is fed while Gabriel Clark reaches over to play with his hole. Gabriel soon goes back to rimming and fingering his ass and cock-teasing it. This time he fucks Edward doggy style, deep and hard with increasing intensity.

Gabriel’s total pleasure-giving style continues when he flips over Edward to suck him with focus and passion. And when Gabriel asks, Edward eagerly sits on his cock and rides him. Edward bounces up and down on Gabriel’s cock, alternating with taking his upward thrusts and they’re both exhilarated by this perfect sync.

The same sexually shared joy occurs when Edward rides Gabriel in a reverse cowboy and edges closer. However, Edward shifts 180 degrees to ride Gabriel relentlessly until he shoots his load over his chest, and he keeps going until he brings Gabriel to the edge.

Gabriel pulls out and shoots a big gusher. He keeps the intense orgasm going by milking his cock, partially inside Edward. Gabriel shares kisses and cum with a euphoric Edward who proclaims, “I’ve been waiting 8 months for a fuck like that!”

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