Future Erotica! The final part of the “Tom of Finland” series by Men.com

“Future Erotica” is the fifth and final part of MEN’s “Tom of Finland” series. How will sex and erotica evolve into the future? This question is answered in “Future Erotica“, which has been co-directed by the iconic porn performer François Sagat alongside Alter Sin. This installment features animations from artist Jason Ebeyer.


MEN explore the future of Finland’s legacy in a world where the virtual is the real, as Francois transports himself to a biodigital sexual playground and calls on fellow erotic devotees DeAngelo Jackson, Ty Mitchell, and Mickey Taylor to enact his every fantasy.

François Sagat watches as the lingerie-clad twinks suck each other’s cocks while he embraces the ebony stud, then directs the action according to his whims as Ty Mitchell, Mickey Taylor and DeAngelo Jackson fuck for his pleasure as much as their own. After viewing the twinks share a facial from DeAngelo, gay porn super star François reawakens in his own world, covered in cum


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