Freddy Salvador debuts at Fuckermate and takes Vadim Romanov’s huge cock

Latin newcomer Freddy Salvador makes his Fuckermate debut in “Drill My Ass“. He loves having raw sex with supersized hung guys and he can never get enough of it!

We caught him on our terrace during a work break, together with dominant Russian top Vadim Romanov. Vadim loves having sex outdoor and jokes with Freddy, getting excited at the mere thought of seeing him suck cock right there in the sunlight.

The muscular newbie timidly tries to say no, but after seeing Vadim’s huge bulge he gets on his knees and welcomes the monster cock in his mouth. Vadim Romanov and Freddy Salvador then move to a more quiet place.

Vadim blows off steam and fucks the cum out of his new friend in every possible position. He thrusts his perfect raw cock deep inside Freddy’s big ass and gives him the final prize of a mouth full of fresh cum.

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