Lucas Entertainment: Daddy Freddy Miller fucks Sean Austin in “Open Up For Daddy” (scene 2)

This is the second scene from the Lucas Entertainment movie “Open Up For Daddy“. Sean Austin takes Freddy Miller’s daddy dick up his big muscular ass!

Freddy Miller first tore up the young and handsome Ken Summers, who proved himself to be an obedient bottom boy in bed. But Freddy is not done, and he’s on the hunt for another bottom taker who can handle the rough fuck he’s hot and horny to give.

Sean Austin is the perfect candidate. This guy might be worked out with rock-hard muscles, but in the bedroom, he has never disappointed his lovers with the pure submission he offers them. He purses his juicy lips and arches his back to accentuate his sculpted ass cheeks, which is exactly the invitation Freddy is looking for!

Watch Freddy Miller fuck Sean Austin

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Freddy Miller fuck Sean Austin at Lucas Entertainment



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