MEN: Finn Harding fucks Ryan Jordan and Tanner Hall in “Catering To The Caregiver”

Finn Harding is the new exclusive model at and this is his very first scene. He fucks Ryan Jordan and Tanner Hall in “Catering To The Caregiver“. This scene also marks the debut of Tanner.

Tanner Hall brings home his boyfriend, Ryan Jacobs, for a visit to his sick dad, but the horny couple is more interested in getting to know hot healthcare worker Finn Harding. Finn flirts with Tanner but snubs Ryan, then takes a break to sneakily stroke his cock on the couch.

Tanner catches him and gets under a blanket to suck him, encouraging Ryan to crawl over and take a turn blowing the sexy uncut top. When Finn catches them, they hatch a new plan to have Ryan hide under a blanket and get rawed!

Finn eventually catches on when the cute bottom can’t stay quiet, and Tanner gets to fuck Ryan’s mouth while he watches Finn fuck his hole. Next, Tanner gets fucked doggy-style by Finn and sucks Ryan.

Both bottoms take turns riding the hunky caregiver until Tanner cums on Finn’s hard abs. Ryan blows a load on Tanner’s ass and rubs it in, and then the horny boyfriends kneel to take a hot facial together.


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