MEN: Finn Harding fucks Ashton Summers at Johnny B’s birthday party in “Mouth Swap”

Today’s release is a very hot scene starring Ashton Summer and Finn Harding. It’s the first part of the “Mouth Swap” series. The latter one is supposed to be celebrating his buddy Johnny B‘s birthday, but he’s more interested in flirting with Ashton and getting his nut instead!

When it’s time for cake, he follows Ashton to the kitchen and feeds him some icing. When that doesn’t seem to pique the handsome bottom’s interest, Finn steals away with the new mouth-shaped stroker Ashton gifted to Johnny.

As Finn Harding is fucking the toy, Ashton Summers creeps in and spies on him. He then sneakily takes the place of the stroker so Finn fucks his mouth instead!

When the top figures out the swap, he puts Ashton on his hands and knees to fuck his hole, then pounds him in missionary.

The bottom moans as Finn penetrates him in from behind, then rides Finn reverse until he cums. Ashton kneels to take Finn’s big load on his muscular chest, right before they get caught by all their friends!

Watch Kenzo Alvarez & Finn Harding fuck Ashton in part 2


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Watch Finn Harding fuck Ashton Summers in “Mouth Swap”



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