MEN: Finn Harding plows Alex Mecum’s bare ass in “Dickscovery”

This hot release – starring Finn Harding and Alex Mecum – is called “Dickscovery“. When Alex sees Finn and his huge bouncing dick jog by him, he has to get his attention.

He passes Finn so the handsome hunk can get a look at Alex’s big, high, and tight ass in his shorts. But when the guys get back to Finn’s place, Alex discovers the top was wearing a dick extender! He’s annoyed at Finn Harding‘s false advertising… until Finn notices the fake ass Alex Mecum had on!

The horny hornswogglers decide to make it up to each other, and Alex sucks Finn’s cock. Alex rides the top, then Finn stretches that ass in doggy-style. He turns the bottom on his back on the bed and pounds his hole till Alex cums, then breeds the bottom and watches Alex push out his huge load.


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Watch Finn Harding fuck Alex Mecum in “Dickscovery”



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