MEN: Agent Felix Fox fucks Kyle Connors in “Precinct 69” (part 1)

This scene – starring Felix Fox and Kyle Connors – is the first scene from the studio’s “Precinct 69” mini-series. When Kyle’s sweatpants get ripped off in a freak subway door accident, undercover officer Theo Brady of Precinct 69 immediately calls in Agent Fox for backup.

Felix Fox puts Kyle Connors under arrest and takes him to the interview room, telling the redhead to confess his public indecency was planned. As Theo Brady watches from behind the one-way mirror, Kyle gets naked and waits for Felix on the desk on all fours.

Felix fucks that ass, and Kyle rides the sexy agent. Felix penetrates the perp’s mouth, then sucks his cock. Kyle lies back on the desk as the top pounds his hole, then they swap facials before Kyle makes his daring escape!


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Watch Felix Fox fuck Kyle Connors in “Precinct 69” (part 1)


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