Ethan Chase debuts at Men At Play and flip-fucks with Teddy Torres in “Personal Driver”

This bareback flip-fuck scene – called “Personal Driver” – is Ethan Chase’s Men At Play debut. He has been paired up with the sexy Teddy Torres. Ethan Chase, a successful businessman on his way to the airport, gets picked up by his personal driver, Teddy Torres.

Men At Play

Just as they are about to head out, Teddy Torres gets a notification that Mr. Ethan Chase’s flight has been delayed. Ethan invites Teddy to wait with him upstairs while he practices his presentation.

However, with his nerves getting the best of him, Ethan knows how his driver can help to slash his stress level; with a flip-flop fuck session that leaves both men to wish for more future flight delays!

Watch Ethan Chase and Teddy Torres flip-fuck at Men At Play

Men At Play


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