Raging Stallion: Newcomer Eman Zod gets fucked by Sean Maygers in “Scrum” (scene 3)

Newcomer Eman Zod (aka Emanuel Zod) makes his debut at Raging Stallion and gets fucked by Sean Maygers. He takes that meaty cock of Sean in the third scene from “Scrum“. Hoping a hot shower will wash away the disappointment experienced by the big mistake he made that cost his team the win, Eman relaxes under the rushing water.

Raging Stallion

Sean Maygers catches Eman Zod in the showers and reminds him of the mistake he made at the end of the game. When Eman talks back, Sean shows him who’s in charge and pins him up against the wall. When Eman realizes what Sean is going for, he lets Sean bend down and lick his hairy hole.

After getting his hole licked, Eman switches positions with Sean to deepthroat Sean’s thick cock. Eman gags on Sean’s hefty dick, turns around, and lets Sean drive his cock deep in his crack. In mid-thrust, Eman dismounts and wraps his lips around Sean’s cock that was just inside of him.

Sean puts his teammate on the floor of the shower and shoves his cock back in the find Eman’s prostate. When Sean needs a break, Eman climbs on top and rides Sean’s cock down to the base until he cums handsfree. Sean scores a thick load out of his cock that Eman takes into his mouth, sharing a kiss and his own load with Sean.


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Watch Eman Zod bottom for Sean Maygers in “Scrum” (scene 3)

Raging Stallion


Watch Sean Maygers fuck newcomer Eman Zod



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