Edward Terrant gets fucked by Benjamin Blue in his very first CockyBoys scene

Edward Terrant makes his debut with CockyBoys and bottoms for Benjamin Blue! It doesn’t take very long before the guys decide this is what they want and they get right into it with passionate kissing.

Benjamin Blue makes short work of getting Edward Terrant on his back, rimming his exposed hole and teasing it with his cock… before giving him his first taste of fucking. Benjamin takes a break to suck and enjoy Edward’s cock and gets that same deep pleasure right back from him.


Edward is relentless in his cock sucking, not skipping a beat when Benjamin reaches over to deep probe his hole and face-fuck him. But soon Benjamin has Edward on his back again. H pounds him deep, his inner power top reveals itself.

At one point Benjamin gets creative and sits Edward atop a chair so he can drill him with with pleasurable precision with remarkable ease. Benjamin then gets Edward to energetically fuck himself on his cock before taking back control. He finishes off Edward the way he likes to bottom….on his back.

It doesn’t take long now before Benjamin fucks a load out of Edward. He then pulls out to milk out his own load and drench him with even more cum. At the end both guys are spent and satisfied and Benjamin asserts his top role once again telling a giddy Edward, “Good job”… with a kiss, of course!

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