Pride Studios: Uncle Dustin Steele fucks Devin Tyler in “My Uncle’s Wood Shop”

This Family Creep update from the Pride Studios Network is called “My Uncle’s Wood Shop“. With no school this semester and a whole summer to kill, Devin Tyler’s mom thought it would be a good idea for him to spend some time with his step-uncle Dustin Steele at the woodshop.

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Dustin isn’t that much older than Devin, and the two of them have always had a great bond that can’t really be explained, so Devin happily takes a visit to see what Uncle Dustin is up to. But today is the day Uncle Dustin becomes just Dustin to Devin, at least around the woodshop.

Dustin Steele tells him he knows that Devin Tyler has been fooling around with his stepcousin. Devin’s jaw hits the ground when he finds out that Dustin was the one who showed the cousin a trick or two.

Devin soon begins to piece together that he’s in quite the fucking family, and now that he knows Uncle Dustin is in on the family secret, this summer at the woodshop promises to be quite the growing experience.


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Watch Dustin Steele fuck Devin Tyler in “My Uncle’s Wood Shop”

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