MEN: Doryann Marguet spanks Craig Marks and then fucks him in “Unmasked”

French Master Doryann Marguet spanks and fucks British hunk Craig Marks in this update, called “Unmasked“.

Craig puts on a white domino mask and a tailored suit, while Doryann straps on a black half-face mask and an impeccable ensemble, both geared to make an impression at the masquerade.

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When their eyes meet through a peephole, Doryann beckons Craig to enter his dungeon. They quickly cast off their masks and their clothes to enjoy the sight of each other’s naked bodies.

Craig sucks Doryann’s cock and balls, and the top rims Craig, then spanks him with his own belt, indulging the bottom’s request to strike him harder!

After Doryann Marguet fucks Craig Marks‘ face, he sucks him and fingers his hole, then gives the bottom his cock in doggy-style.

Doryann drills Craig in missionary, and the bottom rides him before he orgasms and eagerly takes Doryann’s cum all over his beard.


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