Dillon Diaz, Reign & Drew Sebastian fuck Warden Cole Connor in “Ride Or Die” (Scene 9)

Cole Connor gets gangbanged by Dillon Diaz, Reign, and Drew Sebastian in the ninth and final scene from Raging Stallion’s “Ride Or Die“. After Warden Connor’s illicit racket is exposed, he’s dragged out to the middle of the dusty Las Vegas desert.

Raging Stallion

Surrounded by Dillon Diaz and Drew Sebastian – two men who have resolved to serve up some old-fashioned justice – Cole receives payback. The tables have completely turned on him. He now receives what he has unleashed on so many others.

Cole can barely breathe as the guys fill his mouth with their meaty cocks. They stuff his face with some well-deserved payback. Payback is a dish best served cold, and thus they strip the warden naked and splay him out over the hood of a car in the freezing cold.

With his tight ass hole exposed to onlookers, including his stepson and The Governor, Cole gets railed bareback by Drew and Dillon. When undercover FBI agent Reign turns up, he pushes his own 8-inch dick deep into Cole’s gaping hole.

Cole Connor is flipped onto his back for an intense gang-fuck. Covered in pools of hot cum, Cole is left out to dry… but not before Grayson Lange thrusts a nearby police nightstick into his stepdad’s dripping man-gape.


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Raging Stallion


Watch Dillon Diaz, Reign & Drew Sebastian gangbang Cole Connor



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