MEN: Dillon Diaz and Adrian Hart fuck Joey Mills in “Layover My Dick” (part 3)

This interracial threesome from – starring Dillon Diaz, Adrian Hart, and Joey Mills – is the third part of “Layover My Dick“. After causing an obscene disturbance in the airport, Joey gets perp-walked naked to an interview room by airport cop Adrian.

Adrian Hart asks Joey Mills to go over the events that led him here, and as Joey recalls seeing the gate agent’s hard cock and being suddenly overcome with the urge to suck it, he starts teasing Adrian’s dick with his foot!

Adrian’s fellow officer Dillon Diaz walks in on his partner kissing Joey, and they decide to give him the D together. Joey sucks both their cocks, and the muscular cops take turns rimming each other as Joey sucks them.

Then Dillon pounds Joey’s hole doggy-style over the table as the twink sucks Adrian. The cops put their detainee up against the one-way mirror and take turns fucking his ass until Joey cums on the glass, then gets on his knees for a double cum facial.

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