MEN: Diego Sans, Luke Adams & John Hill look back in “Watch With Us: Tarzan”

Welcome to “Watch With Us“, where we pull back the curtain, and the foreskin, and dish the dirt on some of your favorite episodes. Tonight we’re going back to 2016 and reentering the jungle of Tarzan.

Director Marc MacNamara is joined by stars of the film, Luke Adams and Tarzan himself, Diego Sans, as well as PA Thomas Branigan and actor and producer John Hill to deliver behind-the-scenes facts and hilarious commentary on fan favorite Tarzan.

Learn why monsoons and venomous snakes weren’t the biggest obstacles to filming, why one scene had to be shot without a crew, and what Diego did to make Marc stop speaking to him!

As he watches these studs fucking outdoors, John dishes the dirt about his own long-ago sex tape, and Marc announces whether he will ever return to the jungle to make a sequel!

ICYMI: Watch the original post about the 3rd scene from “Tarzan”


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