Lucas Entertainment: Diego Lauzen bottoms for Michael Lucas in “Hot As Fuck” (scene 2)

It has been a while since we’ve last seen Diego Lauzen and the same goes for Michael Lucas sucking dick. Good news! With the release of “Hot As Fuck” part two, Diego is back at Lucas Entertainment and Michael sucks cock again!

Diego Lauzen has a big, firm ass that was built for getting pounding out by as many juicy raw dicks as possible. It’s a good thing that Diego, despite his strong and masculine Latino appearance, love taking a rough fucking between his ass cheeks.

And if a guy unloads his seed deep inside, all the better. Michael Lucas and his legendary 10-inch uncut Russian cock make themselves at home inside Diego’s warm hole!

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Watch Michael Lucas fuck Diego Lauzen in “Hot As Fuck” (scene 2)

Lucas Entertainment


Watch Michael Lucas fuck Diego Lauzen at Lucas Entertainment



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