MEN: Devy gets fucked by muscle jock Finn in “Hooking Up With Finn Harding”

Here’s a new episode of the “Hooking Up” series! Devy is back for his second scene and he’s “Hooking Up With Finn Harding“.

You’ve had your eye on clean-cut, muscle jock Finn Harding for a while, so find out what it’s really like to hook up with this fan favorite!

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Finn invites you to watch him strip down in the locker room at the gym after his basketball game, stroking his chest and slapping his ass for you. But as Finn’s in the shower, Devy sneaks in and starts sniffing his jockstrap!

Finn Harding catches the cutie jacking off and feeds Devy his cock, then rims the bottom before Devy rides him on the bench.

He pounds the bottom doggy-style against the lockers. Finn cums on his hole as they fuck missionary, sliding his cock back inside the bottom’s hole as Devy orgasms!


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