Pride Studios: Devin Tyler and Asher Devin flip-fuck in “My Gay Cousin”

Devin Tyler and Asher Devin fuck each other in “My Gay Cousin“. This is the latest Family Creep release from the Pride Studios network.

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When Devin Tyler tells Asher Devin the unexpected news about their family, Asher begins to do the math of what it all means. They both thought to be related but that all changes when Devin discovers his mother was adopted.

Asher suddenly realizes his hot gay cousin isn’t really related to him at all, but Devin hasn’t ever actually been with another guy. He fantasizes about it and would like to try it. So far, the only thing he’s ever done is jerking off to gay porn.

He’s not sure what he likes. The thought of that has Asher’s mind reeling with possibilities of finding out. But even though Devin isn’t technically his real relative, it still might be taboo for the two of them to hookup. Asher is conflicted.

Does he act on his impulse to show his cousin everything that he’s missing, or does he respect their familial bond?


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