Pride Studios: Devin Tyler takes Aaron Trainer’s big black cock in “Devin’s Fantasy Fuck”

This scene – called “Devin’s Fantasy Fuck” – is Devin Tyler’s Pride Studios debut. He has been paired up with Aaron Trainer and takes a deep, raw pounding. From the moment Devin Tyler spied Aaron Trainer naked on set, he’s been angling for a scene with him.

Now that he’s got him in bed with him, Devin’s fantasies are about to come true. But when Aaron Trainer whips out his cock and Devin Tyler sees it up close, he realizes he may have bit off more than he can chew, and gotten way more than he bargained for. Luckily for Aaron, Devin is willing to give it the old college try.

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He dives onto Aaron’s cock and takes it as deep down his throat as he can. But Aaron is hungry for more than just a little face fucking, so he bends young Devin over and plunges his rock hard cock deep inside Devin’s waiting hole.

Devin moans from the thickness at first, but Aaron eases it in and before long, Devin is smiling from the pleasure. He strokes himself clean as Aaron fucks the cum out of him before blasting him with his thick load. The perfect end to Devin’s fantasy!

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