Sexy newcomer Dax gets fucked by Asher in his Sean Cody debut

Newcomer Dax is excited for his first time at Sean Cody! He prepared himself by watching nearly everything in the archives starring his first partner, Asher.

Asher asks him what he enjoys getting up to in bed and Dax drops a very interesting piece of info: “I don’t have a gag reflex, so…” Asher’s big eyes widen as he replies, “What! … I got a little excited.”

Eager though Asher (aka Ricky Donovan) is to try out that throat! as the guys kiss and undress each other, his first move is to rim Dax’s hole and then fuck him doggy-style.

Dax swallows Asher’s hard cock, then rides him. Asher fucks the bearded newcomer mish till Dax cums, then shoots his own load all over him.


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Watch Dax bottom for Asher in his Sean Cody debut

Sean Cody


Watch Asher fuck Dax in the full-length Sean Cody video



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