Men At Play: Dario Beck gets fucked by Gustavo Cruz in “Suited Car Mechanic”

The guys from Men At Play have just released a hot new scene, called “Suited Car Mechanic“. In this new release, the sexy Gustavo Cruz fucks Dario Beck.

Men At Play

Gustavo is finishing up at his car repair shop when he receives a call. He has an important event to attend, and they are waiting for him. Luckily, he brought his suit with him.

When he changes from his work clothes to a formal suit and is ready to leave, Gustavo Cruz sees a man, Dario Beck, on the street struggling to start his car, and decides to assist him.

After checking the vehicle outside, he offers to push Dario’s car inside of his shop to have a proper inspection. Inside, Gustavo asks Dario to hold his suit jacket for him while he works and ends up getting his shirt all sweaty and dirty!

Having caught Dario smelling his suit jacket, he asks him if he likes to see him dirty. By the look of Dario’s boner, he is ready and prepared to play with the suited car mechanic.


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Watch Dario Beck bottom for Gustavo Cruz in “Suited Car Mechanic”

Men At Play


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