Raging Stallion: Darenger McCarthy fucks Cole Connor in “Fuck Me Fast & Furious” (scene 1)

Darenger McCarthy fucks Cole Connor in the very first scene of “Fuck Me Fast & Furious“. This new Raging Stallion movie is all about fast cars and hot bareback sex. The film has been directed by Ralph North and Iza Elle and contains five scenes.

Raging Stallion

Driver Cole Connor just lost the most important race of his life and is determined to figure out what went wrong with his car.

In the dead of night, an irate Cole drags head mechanic Darenger McCarthy into his RV to get some answers. Instead, he decides to take his anger out of Darenger’s oversized cock.

He swallows every inch of his mechanic’s member before the long-haired, 6’4′ stud ditches his greasy clothes to pound Cole’s hole all over the inside of the RV.

With Darenger’s dick deep inside of him, Cole huffs and puffs as he rides his crew member and plays with his own hard cock.

A few strokes and Cole is shooting his load all over Darenger’s pecs and face right before the hung top pulls out to spew his load into Cole’s open mouth.


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Watch the first scene from “Fuck Me Fast & Furious” at Raging Stallion

Raging Stallion


Watch Darenger McCarthy fuck Cole Connor at Raging Stallion



“Fuck Me Fast & Furious” – Release Schedule

When the checkered flag has been waved, every driver knows that the best way to channel their raging, post-race adrenaline is by heading back to their garage and commanding their crew to “Fuck Me Fast and Furious“.

From visionary directors Raph North and Iza Elle, these nine men are living life a lap at a time and know that the only thing more important than burning rubber on the road is busting a thick nut with their team.

Fuck Me Fast & Furious gay porn movie

The remaining four scenes will be released in January 2022 –  as per the following schedule:


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