Helix Studios introduces newcomers Daniel DeLuca and Seth Peterson

These two sexy young newcomers have recently been introduced by Helix Studios. The first boy, who has been named Daniel DeLuca, bottoms for Alex Riley and takes his raw dick.

The other boy is Seth Peterson and he strokes his cock in a hot solo video. Make sure to check both of them out at Helix Studios!

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“Introducing Daniel DeLuca” – Alex Riley & Daniel DeLuca


Vegas boy, Daniel DeLuca dazzles in his debut scene with erotic extrovert, Alex Riley! We always love to get to know the new guys; so, Riley greases the grease, turns on his trademark charm, and gets the new guy talking. Originally from California, Daniel DeLuca has always thought about doing porn; and, with Helix’s headquarters in Vegas, it was truly meant to be!

He also shares his coming out story, and reveals he’s homoflexible, which means he doesn’t mind messing around with a hot girl. Next Daniel discusses his fav positions, and kinks! It’s obvious kinky boy, Alex is excited to share in some pervy proclivities, and he immediately whisks the welcome edition in inside for some sensational sex! Under romantic lighting, the boy’s give a gorgeous make out sesh; then, Alex gets right to serving the raven haired hottie his fav kink, a devastatingly delicious face fuck!

Alex Riley rails the boy with his rock hard eager, giving him exactly what he likes, and needs. Then, he pulls him up by the face, plants a kiss on those luscious lips, and lays the lad down to attack that ass! He plays with Deluca’s piece, licking the thick dick, then deep-throating it between orgasmic eye fucks. Anxious to dip that wild wick of his, Alex saunters behind the new boy, and slips his hog in that horned up hole.

His meat elicits mighty moans of pleasure, and the camera captures Riley’s rump pumping away, thrusting pure peen into the pretty boy’s bubble butt. Next, he does the dude dirty in doggy, then turns the twink onto his back for a beastly bang that fills the room with fuck smack. Alex assassinates that ass, and turns Daniels dick into a sharp shooter, spitting spooge clean out of screen! Riley keeps right on ramming raw till his own bone busts, creaming the new dude with a coat of welcome cum.


“Solo Session” – Seth Peterson


Just into his twenties, scalding hot Seth Peterson is a stunningly handsome fresh face with boyish good looks, and a show stopping, super porn star presence. This guy puts on a show! The moment Seth appears on screen he captivates with a welcoming confidence and swag to spare. Checking himself out in the mirror, he peels off his shirt, then shoots the camera a megawatt, million dollar smile.

Seth Peterson doesn’t just strip, he puts on a performance, flirting while revealing flawless flesh, and….. eye fucking the shit out of the camera! Down to his Calvin’s, the dark haired hottie instinctively knows to take a moment and let us enjoy the view in those bulging black briefs. After some sensual smoldering in his underwear, the boy gets down to business, whipping his cock out and getting straight to work!

Then, Seth turns around and gives that glorious bubble butt the erotic unveiling it deserves. The show boy bends over and sheds his shorts completely, then shoots a longing look over his shoulder. He caresses his fat, firm, smooth seat, pulling his cheeks apart to reveal a smooth center. Back facing the camera, Seth strokes his hard cock and finger fucks that horny fuck hole till he can’t hold back. Our boy busts, splattering his well worked out body with a nasty amount of new porn star spunk! Keep an eye out for this one boys, he’s got the goods!

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